e-petition lauched on HM Government website

Mark Healey, Centre Manager of the Green Man Community Centre has launched a petition calling for the Department of Communities and Local Government to speak to Barnet Council about resolving the situation at the Old Barn.

“I feel that the situation at the Old Barn is taking far too long to resolve and it’s time for Barnet Council to take action. They own the building and have the authority to step in and uphold the lease.

It is clear that Rev Muhoro does not have the support of the local community and quite frankly is not managing the community centre the way that it should be run. It’s been almost two years so we are long overdue an Annual General Meeting in line with the terms and conditions laid out in the governing documents of the Old Barn Youth and Community Association, and local residents should have the right to become members and use the centre.

In particular I am angry that the Monday youth club was forced out of the Old Barn last year and that the young people were left with nowhere else to go. Barnet Council should have resolved this before winter kicked in last year – I think that it is appalling that this is still going on.”

You can sign the petition on the HM Government website by clicking here.


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Centre Administrator - Green Man Community Centre
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