Old Barn – Balloon Protest and Boycott

Following news that Rev Muhoro has decided to cancel the public meeting that was due to be held at the Old Barn Community Centre tomorrow night 24 May local residents have reacted angrily and decided that they are going to meet anyway.

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It is felt strongly that Rev Muhoro’s behaviour and the manner in which he runs the Old Barn is unacceptable and calls are being made for him to resign. Local residents would like to see the management of the Old Barn restored to local people, to be run for the benefit of local people and they call on Barnet Council to act now.

Barnet Council own the building, and considering the huge amount of public money that has gone into running the premises over the years it is felt that they have a duty to act swiftly to ensure that the existing agreements – the governing documents and lease (which stipulate how the Old Barn should be managed) are and should be enforced.

However it is almost 2 years since these concerns were first raised with Barnet Council and local people are losing faith. The mood last night was that enough is enough and it is time for local residents to step up their campaign as follows:

(1) The meeting at the Old Barn tomorrow night (Thu 24 May) is going to go ahead – with or without Rev Muhoro, and if he refuses the community access to the building to hold the meeting then it has been decided to hold it outside on the street.

(2) To add some visibility to the campaign to restore the Old Barn, local people are being asked to bring some balloons and string. The Balloon Boycott will commence (Thu 24 May) and local residents are invited to peacefully tie Balloons to the fencing of the Old Barn to illustrate the level of support the campaign has. Each Balloon represents the missed opportunities that are being lost whilst the Old Barn is out of action. They also represent the hundreds of local children who are being forced to play and learn elsewhere.

(3) The Old Barn Action Group is asking for everyone to now boycott Rev Muhoro’s attempts to bring in private groups to run the Old Barn, and to keep boycotting the centre until it is run in line with the existing governing documents and lease.

It is also demanded that the Monday Youth Group and other groups that were regularly using the centre before they were forced out – be allowed to return and hire the premises at the reasonable rates they were previously being charged.

(4) A mass e-mailing campaign is also being launched to demand that Barnet Council takes action now. Everyone is being invited to e-mail Barnet Council via their website complaints page (click here).

Don’t forget to make a copy of your complaints and send them to the local MP Mike Freer (click here for his contact details) , Cllr Richard Cornelius (leader of Barnet Council – click here), and Alison Moore (Labour Leader Barnet Council – click here).

For maximum effect – please make sure you copy in the local press as well.

  • The Archer the-archer@lineone.net or write to:
    The Archer PO Box 3699 London N2 8JA
  • The Press  letters.barnet@nlhnews.co.uk or write to: North London and Herts Newspapers Ltd, 4th Floor, Refuge House, 9-10 River Front, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 3SZ


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