Campaign covered in Hendon & Finchley Times

The campaign to Save the Old Barn and get it restored to the local community is picking up pace, with Pop-Up Photo Protests taking place across East Finchley and a stall at the East Finchley Festival about to take place on Sunday 19th June.

The campaign has started to make the headlines in the Hendon & Finchley Times, with two positive articles informing people about what is going on. It is good to see that the truth is out in the open, and that people are beginning to openly question Rev Munhro’s takeover of the premises. The Archer has also taken up the story as well.

Many people are outraged that 94 local residents have been excluded from joining the centre, especially as the centre has been in receipt of funds from Barnet Council. Every day this farce continues local residents are paying the price of having this venue out of use (1) the council are losing money on the building, which could benefit some of the services that have recently had to have their funding cut and (2) the costs of dealing with incidents involving youths in the area has increased as the displaced youngsters have nothing productive to do with their time. The Police Safer Neighbourhood Team have recently set tackling youth issues as one of their key issues in East Finchley.

The Old Barn Action Group intend to ensure that they continue to make headlines and are planning a letter writing campaign to get local residents to chase up Barnet Council to act swiftly to resolve the situation. We need to resolve this situation as soon as possible, at the moment the Monday Youth Group are using St Martin’s School field but come the end of summer they will need a venue to run their activities. It would be good to be able to have the Old Barn back in operation in time for Ramadan too, so that the Muslim group that have been locked out from the building can use it too. All this comes too late for Home Start who have had to relocate to new premises, to think how much money was spent equiping out the Old Barn for their use – more tax payers money wasted.

The article that appeared on the 25th May after the first series of PUPPs.

The first article that appeared on the 12th March.


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